Memory Pouches

Memory pouches are intended to serve as a safe place for families to transport and store their child's personal belongings and keepsakes when the child passes away at the hospital. Ellie's Light provides families with items that are intended to honor the life that was lost and respect the sacredness of the last few memories the family made together.
Often times when a child passes away in the hospital, families are encouraged to make hand and footprints, take a lock of their child's hair, take pictures, write letters to their child and to spend meaningful last moments with their child while saying good-bye. Our goal is to provide the families with a thoughtful way of preserving and protecting these precious moments...

The memory pouches will continue to evolve as we figure out the best way to support families during this difficult time, but as of now, this is what an Ellie's Light memory pouch looks like...

Each pouch contains:
  • A handmade cloth pouch with various sized pockets
  • A canvas bag for the child's personal belongings
  • A journal
  • A photo album with a small envelope for SD card storage
  • A bracelet set
  • Two touchstones
  • A votive candle 
  • Also, each pouch contains instructions/ suggestions for the staff member introducing and assisting the family with the pouch- these are not given to the family
 The Cloth Pouches:
 Each pouch is made of different fabric with different prints. We used bright colors and patterns to reflect a child's life, not their passing. We were mindful of the fact that these were in memory of CHILDREN, not the elderly. We want these pouches to reflect the light and joy of each child, not the sadness left behind.

Bracelet Sets:
These beaded bracelet sets were made specifically for Ellie's Light by plain2pretty.  Each set contains a larger bracelet for a parent, and a smaller one for the child. There are four sizes of bracelets for the child- preemie, infant, child and teen. All bracelets are made of memory coil wire, so they are adjustable in size. The idea is that one bracelet is left on the child (for as long as the parent desires) and the parent gets to keep the other one.

 These small stars and hearts are Touchstones and were made specifically for Ellie's Light by Midnight Orange. Two stones are placed in a small organza bag and included in each memory pouch. The stones are placed in the child's hands while they pass away, a blessing is said or while the child donates their organs. The family takes them home as a keepsake of the last thing their child touched.

Photo Albums:
The hospital has cameras that the staff and families can use to take pictures of a child's final moments. The staff then prints some photos for the family and gives them the SD card to keep. These photo albums serve as a place to keep the pictures safe, and have a small envelope glued into the front for the SD cards.

A place for families to write letters to their child, to write down important information, or for the hospital staff to write down information that the family may need but not remember when they get home.

Votive Candles:
For families to light at special occasions or events when they want to remember their child.

Personal Belonging Bags:
Canvas bags for the staff to put the child's clothing, special blankets, stuffed animals, etc. in when the family takes it home. These are intended to be used only for the patients things or memory pouch, not grief material, etc.

Lock of Hair Boxes:
Often times families like to cut a lock of their child's hair to keep, and these boxes are a place for families to safely store them. Each box has a small ribbon inside that allows a lock of hair to be easily collected, and a large ribbon to tie the box shut.

The finished products!

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