Our Mission

Mission Statement
To keep Ellie’s Light shining by supporting families with children experiencing severe chronic, terminal or critical illnesses, and those who have recently experienced the sudden loss of a child. We will do this by providing simple comforts to those in the hospital and by honoring the lives of their lost children. We will spread Ellie’s Light by contributing to multiple organizations that encompass the enrichment of the lives of children and their families in Minnesota in a positive and joyful manner.

Ellie was taken from us suddenly when she was nine months old. She was in every way, a beautiful baby. Ellie was full of joy, happiness and radiated a special light. Ellie's Light is our way of keeping her memory and joy alive.


Supporting Bereaved Families:
We will be working within the hospital to help provide families with important memory making items and opportunities with their child, at the time of their passing. We want each family to leave the hospital knowing that their child was cared for in the best way possible. We want to make sure they have as many opportunities as possible to spend those last sacred moments with their child in a meaningful way.

How Ellie's Light supports Bereaved Families:
  • Memory Keepsakes
  • Belle's Buddies
  • Supporting organizations whose mission is to provide support and comfort to families who are facing the loss of a child. Such organizations include Molly Bears, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, Faith's Lodge (via other organizations), etc.
Supporting Families with a Chronically, Terminally or Critically-Ill Child:
We work to provide families who have a critically-ill child in the ICU areas of the hospital with comfort items. Often times, families are not prepared for an intense hospital stay, especially when their child has suddenly become ill. It is important that these families are provided basic comforts so that their focus can remain on their ill child. Our support will be directed towards families who have children admitted to an ICU area of the hospital, without prior warning, and whose children are so ill that the parents are not able to leave their bedside to provide for their own needs.

How Ellie's Light supports Families with a Critically-Ill Child:
  • Serving meals at the Ronald McDonald House at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, which is intended for families who have a child in one of the ICU areas of the hospital.
  • Ellie's Birthday Blankets
  • Providing comfort items such as oral hygiene kits, warm socks, eye masks, etc.
  • Providing occasional dessert, snack times for families in the ICU

Spreading Joy
Ellie was a happy little girl and full of joy. In order to keep Ellie's joy alive, Ellie's Light will choose another organization to support each year. This organization we choose we will have a mission of spreading joy and happiness to children within Minnesota.

How Ellie's Light spreads joy:
  • Shining Her Light Project
  • 2010: Toys for Tots
  • 2011: Toys for Tots
  • 2012: Toys for Tots 
  • 2013: Ronald McDonald House (Fulton Ave.) - Annual Christmas Party
  • 2014: Ronald McDonald House 
  • 2015: Ellie's Light had planned on throwing a large party for the Ronald McDonald House, however, due to scheduling issues with the RMH, we were unable to. We look forward to doubling our efforts this year!

Please click on the "Donation History" Link for further information on our previous donations!

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